Vashudev kutumbkam: whole world is a family

This is mine this is others is thinking of persons of small heart, the person with big heart thinks that whole world is my home… I have read this in sanskrit in 9th standard. But is that really true?????

I don’t think so. Few incidents happend in last few days forced me to think so. Where humanity is going? Where is it vanishing? Humans are mutilating humans, is that a sing of humanity? One is throwing bomb on others home, is that a sing of humanity? When whole nation is in morn some people are expecting others to say them sorry, is that humanity? 

What has happend to this world. The barberian behaviour of people hurts the must because most of them are highly educated but still invilved in such kund of things…

No religion teaches us to hurt other living being but here we are hurting our own spices..

It wont give us any kind of profit. It is not going to benifit us at any cost. Can those persons who do such barberian thing sleep peacefully at night….

Religion not teach us to fight with one another…….

Stop dping this on the name of religion ,on the name of those cheap doctriones..

Stop it please stop it


Some people are born to create problems in others life……..

Hello everyone,

Today i am very much tensed because of few members of my family.

I really think that they are born just to give tensions to others. They never ever think whatever they are doing or speaking may hurt others sentiments. They just show that whatever they are doing is right whatever they say is good. Please wait and think for a while that your actions can hurt others. I am confused are you doing so to intensionally hurt the person next to you. That person who have done many many things fir you without thinking about his  own kids . Even though they have to listen alot for you but you really really dont care. I cant understand when you feel yes that person was right whatever he told all things were correct but at the every next time you repeat the same thing. Do you ever think what he might felt. You are there family members and you dont support them… They used to think that they are alone no any sister no any brother…. Haaah shame on you..

It is always said that sisters are brothers best friend but whatever you are doing is reverse of that… Really shame on you….

Smile…. Your smile will kill your hatters

Hello every one…
Today i like to share my opinions regarding smile, laughter, happiness.      

Today i was listining an interview of my favourite actor he said one thing that is liked the most he said ‘i smile in every situation, whether it is good or bad. One should try to smile in every situation because it gives you a positive energy to fight with the bad time.’

We all heard laughter is the best medicine. It have been proved that as much happy you are that much healty you are. The easiest and chippest healing medicine is laughter.

If anyone is jealous of you he/she will die seeing you smiling. They will think how you are smiling in bad situations too. Your smile is the weapon to hurt your enemies hard.

Happiness is the key to success. If you are happy you won’t think about useless things. You will utilize your time in doing productive things. But if you are not happy you are sad then you won’t succeed at any cost. So to get success one easiest way is to remain happy.

Be happy so that even sadness think have i came to a wrong place?

Keep laughing to stay healthy….

Keep smiling to hit your hatters hard….

Be happy to succeed in life…. 

FAMILY…. a blessing, an inventory of happiness..

Hello every one,

Today we are going to talk about family. We all have a family and everyone loves their family. Many have joint family and many have nuclear family. But whatever it is family is family. If we are too much stressed from our day to day life we should spent some time with our family. We should talk about past moments of happiness that will surely make one stress free. Atleast once in a day we must sit with family whether its lunch time or dinner time. I think dinner time is best because we have many incidents to share at that time and there is no hurry to reach anywhere at time. That happiness which you get while eating together you wont have that even if you are having dinner in a five star hotel. That is what we say a family. In every family few missunderstanding happens but we should not carry it in our mind forever. Life is all about moving on. So throw all those rubbish out of our mind and live happily with your family. Because no one can give you that much comfort, care, concern as your family members do..

Those who dont live with there family must have a get together onces in every six month. You will definetly fill  pleased spending time with your family members…

Those who have family are blessed with incridable happiness….

Family itself is a inventory or i say a stock of happiness…

Spend as much as possible time with your family…

Spending time with family is the most precious time…

Be Simple Be Smart

Many of us think think that putting lots of cosmetics makes us looks prettier. Dear girls thats not true. As much simplicity you carry with ur self as much smart, pretty you appear. Be what you are never try to hide your originality behind those beauty products. You are yourself beautiful.

Many girls put makeups to look attractive. Dear girls every one is having makeup. Be a little simple and see you will look more attractive.

Try to increase your beauty through your intelligence. Try to attract others by your nice behaviour not by your appreance.

Don’t try to hide yourself behind any fake thing. Just be what you are…..

Just be simple be smart ….

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