FAMILY…. a blessing, an inventory of happiness..

Hello every one,

Today we are going to talk about family. We all have a family and everyone loves their family. Many have joint family and many have nuclear family. But whatever it is family is family. If we are too much stressed from our day to day life we should spent some time with our family. We should talk about past moments of happiness that will surely make one stress free. Atleast once in a day we must sit with family whether its lunch time or dinner time. I think dinner time is best because we have many incidents to share at that time and there is no hurry to reach anywhere at time. That happiness which you get while eating together you wont have that even if you are having dinner in a five star hotel. That is what we say a family. In every family few missunderstanding happens but we should not carry it in our mind forever. Life is all about moving on. So throw all those rubbish out of our mind and live happily with your family. Because no one can give you that much comfort, care, concern as your family members do..

Those who dont live with there family must have a get together onces in every six month. You will definetly fill  pleased spending time with your family members…

Those who have family are blessed with incridable happiness….

Family itself is a inventory or i say a stock of happiness…

Spend as much as possible time with your family…

Spending time with family is the most precious time…


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