Smile…. Your smile will kill your hatters

Hello every one…
Today i like to share my opinions regarding smile, laughter, happiness.      

Today i was listining an interview of my favourite actor he said one thing that is liked the most he said ‘i smile in every situation, whether it is good or bad. One should try to smile in every situation because it gives you a positive energy to fight with the bad time.’

We all heard laughter is the best medicine. It have been proved that as much happy you are that much healty you are. The easiest and chippest healing medicine is laughter.

If anyone is jealous of you he/she will die seeing you smiling. They will think how you are smiling in bad situations too. Your smile is the weapon to hurt your enemies hard.

Happiness is the key to success. If you are happy you won’t think about useless things. You will utilize your time in doing productive things. But if you are not happy you are sad then you won’t succeed at any cost. So to get success one easiest way is to remain happy.

Be happy so that even sadness think have i came to a wrong place?

Keep laughing to stay healthy….

Keep smiling to hit your hatters hard….

Be happy to succeed in life…. 


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