Some people are born to create problems in others life……..

Hello everyone,

Today i am very much tensed because of few members of my family.

I really think that they are born just to give tensions to others. They never ever think whatever they are doing or speaking may hurt others sentiments. They just show that whatever they are doing is right whatever they say is good. Please wait and think for a while that your actions can hurt others. I am confused are you doing so to intensionally hurt the person next to you. That person who have done many many things fir you without thinking about his  own kids . Even though they have to listen alot for you but you really really dont care. I cant understand when you feel yes that person was right whatever he told all things were correct but at the every next time you repeat the same thing. Do you ever think what he might felt. You are there family members and you dont support them… They used to think that they are alone no any sister no any brother…. Haaah shame on you..

It is always said that sisters are brothers best friend but whatever you are doing is reverse of that… Really shame on you….


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