Vashudev kutumbkam: whole world is a family

This is mine this is others is thinking of persons of small heart, the person with big heart thinks that whole world is my home… I have read this in sanskrit in 9th standard. But is that really true?????

I don’t think so. Few incidents happend in last few days forced me to think so. Where humanity is going? Where is it vanishing? Humans are mutilating humans, is that a sing of humanity? One is throwing bomb on others home, is that a sing of humanity? When whole nation is in morn some people are expecting others to say them sorry, is that humanity? 

What has happend to this world. The barberian behaviour of people hurts the must because most of them are highly educated but still invilved in such kund of things…

No religion teaches us to hurt other living being but here we are hurting our own spices..

It wont give us any kind of profit. It is not going to benifit us at any cost. Can those persons who do such barberian thing sleep peacefully at night….

Religion not teach us to fight with one another…….

Stop dping this on the name of religion ,on the name of those cheap doctriones..

Stop it please stop it


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